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I'm on a roll!

Well, not really. Three posts isn't that big of a deal. Is it?

Having a really late lunch today. Another Amy's Mexican Casserole Bowl. These things are AMAZING, and if you have not tried one, I highly suggest you do.

I discovered a new game on my phone that has become absolutely addicting. It's on Android (don't know if it's on iPhone) and it's called "Hellfire". The actual "battles" are similar to a lot of paper toss games, if you've ever played those. You build a deck of creatures, you evolve them, strengthen them, and utilize their elements to do battle. The artwork is incredible, it's all high fantasy based. Nothing about it is cutesy at all. The elements they use are fire, earth, water, and death, which I thought was an interesting combo. I only downloaded the game at first because it was going to give me bonus points in another game I played. Now I'm completely hooked.

Depression has been getting a bit better. I think the approach of spring has helped quite a bit. The weather is warmer, there's a bit more sun to be had.

Now, I am off to take a luxurious shower, and perhaps go out to dinner with my husband ^_^


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